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About us

Vasama Lab is a one-woman creative studio located in Finland.
This shop is a "creative laboratory" of using new methods and finding new forms in jewelry, accessories, and other small items. Results are sold here, for us who like unordinary and seeks the unknown.
Our mission is to create something usable in the office, but won't be like what other people have. We want to embrace old and unique as well new and unknown, and offer our items like it used to be many decades ago. From order to the customer, and from artist to the like-minded people.
We offer luxury items for the weirdos of the classrooms, for the ones who won't fit in with the offer of bigger chains. But who would still sometimes own custom made jewelry or other items from a local artist.

The method we use is not original craftmanship or jewelry artist work. Instead of doing wax models by hand, our models are done with the computer by 3d-modeling / sculpting, 3d-printed, and then cast in metal. It's more like a computer artisan kind of method, which is possible after learning many kinds of different programs.

If you want to learn about our materials and allergies, check our "Allergy info"-page.
For looking out shipping policies, look out our "Shipping Policy" -page.

Otherwise, feel free to contact with any question at
And we do have Instagram and Facebook-pages! And we would love to see you there!
IG: Vasama_Lab